If you are not satisfied with a court decision, judgment or order made by a Circuit Court Judge, you are entitled to appeal that decision to the Court of Appeals. An appeal asks the Court of Appeals to look at what the Circuit Court Judge did to determine if they made the right decision and/or followed the correct procedure.

Guide to Appellate Procedures for the Self-Represented:

Filing an Appeal FAQs:

DeNovo Reviews

When you want a judge to review a decision that was made by a Circuit Court Commissioner because you disagree with what the Circuit Court Commissioner decided you must file for a New (DeNovo) Hearing. Either party may request a DeNovo Hearing, but the request must be made within specific time limits. DeNovo Reviews in Civil Court include reviews of Restraining Orders and Small Claims matters.

Reviews of Restraining Orders:
Once a restraining order has been granted or denied by a Circuit Court Commissioner any party may request a review of their decision before a Circuit Court Judge. This request must be made in writing (using form CV-503) and filed with the Family Court on the 3rd Floor of the County Courthouse. The court will schedule a date and send notice to all parties.

Review of Small Claims Orders:
In hearings conducted court commissioners in small claims matters, the court commissioner’s decision becomes a judgment unless one or both parties demand a trial before a circuit court judge within 10 business days of an oral decision or within 15 calendar days of the mailing of a written decision. The party demanding the trial must complete form SC-517. The original is filed with the small claims division on the 8th floor of the County Courthouse. The party demanding a trial must mail or deliver a copy of the demand for trial to the other party. Proof of mailing or delivery must also be filed with the small claims division.


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